About Mushmouth

Mushmouth plays every show like it's Madison Square GardenLead singer Bill's energy is off the charts - a mix of Bruce Springsteen, Mick, Jagger, James Brown and a sprinkle of David Byrne all rolled into one!  The band, a group of longtime friends, pulls off note for note renditions of all the songs while also adding to the on-stage fun.  The Mushmouth show consists of big hits, one hit wonders and lost nuggets from the 70's, 80's, 90's and beyond.  COME SEE WHAT EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT!

Past notable clients and venues:

Mushmouth plays clubs, bars, weddings, private parties, township events, etc.  No show too big or small!  

Email doug@mushmouth.net or call 973-342-6291 to book Mushmouth for your event!


Tony Mush - Keys & Vocals

Sir Lawrence Mush - Rhythm Guitar & Vocals

Dr. Mush - Drums

Doug E. Mush- Lead Guitar

Mikey Mush- Bass & Vocals

Billy Mush - Lead Vocals

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