About Mushmouth

Mushmouth effortlessly delivers flawless renditions of all the top hit songs. With a lively and entertaining stage presence, Mushmouth takes the audience on a journey through the biggest hits, one-hit wonders, and hidden gems from the 70's, 80's, 90's, and beyond.  The band plays every show like it's Madison Square GardenLead singer Bill's energy is off the charts - a mix of Bruce Springsteen, Mick, Jagger, James Brown and a sprinkle of David Byrne all rolled into one!  The band, a group of longtime friends, pulls off note for note renditions of all the songs while also adding to the on-stage fun.  From Glen Campbell to the FOO FIGHTERS, Duran Duran to Eric Church - COME SEE WHAT EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT!

Past notable clients and venues:

Mushmouth plays clubs, bars, weddings, private parties, township events, etc.  No show too big or small!  

Email doug@mushmouth.net or call 973-342-6291 to book MUSHMOUTH for your event!


Tony Mush - Keys & Vocals

Sir Lawrence Mush - Rhythm Guitar & Vocals

Dr. Mush - Drums

Doug E. Mush- Lead Guitar

Dan Haase - Bass & Vocals

Billy Mush - Lead Vocals

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