About Mushmouth

Mushmouth has been one of NJ's hottest cover bands since 1996. Lead vocalist, Bill Gallacher, started out fronting RBI, a popular Kearny band for many years, while Doug, Lar and Bob played in Rude Mood (another great Kearny band, albeit, not as popular as RBI!). Long after those bands retired, soccer star and fellow Kearnyite, Tony Meola, called up Bill and Lar with the idea of starting a new band... and Mushmouth was born.

After several successful years, with Tony behind the drums, he then had to leave the band because of soccer related commitments, however, percussionist Bob Doc moved back behind the kit to keep the band going. With Michael Fog, who had been part of several successful NJ bands over the years, including the Stop Band, Perry Brothers, Babe, Blind Driver and Loco Foco, joining the band on bass and vocals, the band was nearly complete. Enter Tony Matos on keys. Tony provides sounds ranging from piano to the sound of breaking glass (I love the sound of breaking glass...) and everything in between. The Mush continues to rock NJ clubs and parties well into its second decade and looks forward to many more years of playing (if the Stones can keep going, so can we)!